1. Part One due May 1st of second year. Fill out and return to Graduate Office.
2. Part Two due October 1st of third year. Submit this form with approved reading lists to the Graduate Office.

PhD Oral Examination



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PART ONE Due on or before May 1st

1. Are you using this examination for the Final Exercise requirement for the MA? __________________________

2. Before you may sit for doctoral oral examinations, you must complete the full foreign language requirement for the PhD. Indicate how you fulfilled this requirement: language(s), date(s) of passed examination(s), whether at a level of proficiency or mastery.

_________________________________                      _________________________________

3. Distribution Requirement: Indicate by course number the courses completed in 2 of the 3 periods below. In the last space, indicate the required course in criticism or theory.

ENMD _________ ENRN _________ ENEC _________ ENCR_________ (criticism/theory)

4. Seminar Requirement: List 900-level seminars taken to date. 

  _________________________            _________________________              _________________________

5. Total Number of Courses Completed (not counting placeholder courses) __________________         

6. Any Incompletes? If so, indicate course, semester taken, and date of planned completion. 

__________________________________________         _________________________________________                      

7. Period Exam: _____________________________   Field Exam:  _________________________________

Student Signature:                                                                                    Date:

PART TWO Due on or before September 15

Period Exam - Area: ______________________________________________________

Period Chair Signature: _____________________________        DGS Signature: _____________________________


Field Exam - Area: ________________________________________________________

Advisor Signature: _____________________________               DGS Signature: _____________________________



Examiners assigned by DGS

Period: ____________________________________                    Field: ____________________________________