Faculty Designated to Approve MA and PhD Orals Lists (2010-2011)


Period exams are generally approved by the chair of the relevant area committee.  In cases where the designated person is on leave and unavailable either for spring consultation or fall approval, another appropriate faculty member may be called on for either or both of these roles.  Any questions about approval should be referred to the Director of Graduate Studies. 


Note: All MA orals lists should have ten primary and two secondary works

          All PhD orals lists should have forty primary and six or so secondary works (except Theory and Textual Studies, which should each have forty works in all)


Medieval: Peter Baker

Renaissance: Elizabeth Fowler

Restoration and 18th Century: David Vander Meulen

19th Century: Alison Booth

Modern and Contemporary: Sylvia Chong

American: Caroline Rody

Theory and Criticism: Jennifer Wicke

   Cultural Studies: Vicki Olwell

   Feminist Theory: Susan Fraiman

   Film/Media: Jennifer Wicke

   Marxism: Rita Felski

   Postcolonial Studies: Mrinalini Chakravorty

   Poststructuralism: Bruce Holsinger

   Psychoanalysis: Jennifer Wicke

   Queer Theory: Marlon Ross

   Race/Ethnicity: Lisa Woolfork

Novel: Karen Chase

Lyric: Jerry McGann

Drama: John O'Brien

Romance: Tony Spearing

Epic: Clare Kinney

Autobiography: Alison Booth

African-American Studies: Deborah Mcdowell

History of Criticism: Walter Jost

Textual Studies/History of the Book: David Vander Meulen or Johanna Drucker