12:30 - Registration (outside Rouss 410)

1:00-2:20 - Panel 1: Trauma, Myth, Nation (Rouss 410)

Moderator: Mrinalini Chakravorty

"Everybody Just Parallax: Joyce, Nationalism and Moral Cosmopolitanism"
Nick Salvo
Bucknell University

"Vodka and Spaghetti: The Literary Character Representation of the ‘National Character’ of Russia and Italy"
Jessica van Zadelhoff and Lieneke Luit
Independent Scholars

"For Intermarriage or for Massacre: Kinship and the Hamitic Myth in Rwanda"
Nora Nunn
Duke University

"From Faerie to Life: The Restorative Power of Poetry in Sir Orfeo"
Jason J. Nack
University of Virginia

2:30-3:50 - Panel 2: Networking Identity (Rouss 410)

Moderator: Susan Fraiman

"Pinterest and the Politics of Taste"
Grace M. Franklin
University of Virginia

"Mary Ann Shadd Cary’s Provincial Freeman and Transnational Abolitionism: Networks of Dissent in the Nineteenth-Century Black Press"
Stephanie Scherer
Bucknell University

"Colonial Influences and Effects in French Guinea: The Tale of The Dark Child"
Joseph F. Sloan
East Tennessee State University

4:00-6:00 - Master class with Prof. Marlon Ross (Rouss 410)

Pre-registered attendees only

6:00 - Evening Reception (Bryan Hall Faculty Lounge)


8:30-9:50 - Panel 3: Caribbean Voices (Monroe 116)

Moderator: Caleb Agnew

"A Tale of Two Tails"
Jin H. Bang
University of Virginia

"Heteroglossic Monologue in “Annie Pengelly”"
Olivia C. Milroy
University of Virginia

8:30-9:50 - Panel 4: Mapping Time and Space (Monroe 134)

Moderator: Paul Broyles

"Identity and Physical Space in the First Half of Virgil’s Aeneid"
Andrew Kaplan
University of Virginia

"“The Poisoned Exhalations of the East”: Geospatial and Transtemporal Connections between Medieval Plague and Victorian Cholera"
Elle Everhart
University of Virginia

10:00-11:30 - Keynote by Prof. Jasbir Puar: "The "Right" to Maim: Gaza, Disablement, and Inhumanist Biopolitics" (Monroe 130)

11:30-1:00 - Luncheon (Garden Room)

1:30-2:50 - Panel 5: Global South: Bodies, Violence, Power (Monroe 116)

Moderator: Annie Galvin

"A Body to Fill the Gap: Addie’s Revenge in As I Lay Dying"
Samantha Wallace
University of Virginia

"Space, Visibility and Power in Jesmyn Ward’s Salvage the Bones"
Anna Béar
University of Virginia

"Melville’s Sublimation of Real Violence in Benito Cereno’s Recapture Scene as Repudiation of Damaging Categorizations Imposed on Historical Victims"
Kodai Iuchi
Pennsylvania State University

1:30-2:50 - Panel 6: Postcolonial Passages (Monroe 134)

Moderator: Anuj Kapoor

"Journeys to the Middle: An Analysis of Liminality within 20th Century Middle Eastern Literature and Scholarship"
Sara Faradji
University of Maryland

"“Mad Refrain”: The Nostalgia of Return in Agha Shahid Ali’s “The Country without a Post Office”"
Adam Friedgen
University of Virginia

"Renegotiating Past, Present, and Post: Straddling Time in A.K. Ramanujan’s “Foundlings in the Yukon”"
Erin Bartnett
University of Virginia

3:00-4:20 - Panel 7: Media, Performance, Space (Monroe 116)

Moderator: Alyssa Collins

"“I’ll teach her to weave webs”: Hands, Entanglement, and Dominance in Samuel Richardson’s Clarissa"
Anne Rowlenson
University of Virginia

"The Rise and Fall of the Mountain Man: Grizzly Adams and the Wilderness of Independent Conservative Cinema in the 1970s"
John P.Taylor
University of Pittsburgh

"Superhuman Bodies--Dehumanizing the Human Form?"
Maximiliane Wagner
TU Dortmund

"Queer Tableaux"
Daniel Sander
New York University: Tisch School of the Arts

4:30-5:50 - Panel 8: American Taxonomies (Monroe 134)

Moderator: Carol Guarnieri

"When the Indians were Israelites: Theology and Race in the Early American Republic"
Mae Speight
University of Virginia

"Ornithology Out of Bounds: John James Audubon and the Indiscipline of Natural History"
Matt Suazo
University of California, Santa Cruz

"American Epic in the Literary Slaughterhouse"
Peter N. Miller
University of Virginia

4:30-5:50 - Panel 9: Narrative Space and the Novel (Monroe 116)

Moderator: Lara Musser

"The Schoolhouse Rocks: Unstable, Imagined Architecture in Jane Eyre and Villette"
Malcolm Thaine Bare
University of Virginia

"Genre and intertextuality in Anna Leonowens's travel books about South and Southeast Asia"
Michelle R. Gallagher
Bucknell University

"(Trans)national Capital and the Development of Henry James’s Narrative Techniques"
Christian Howard
University of Virginia

Find your way around the conference with this map.