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                      Requirements for the MA in English and Medieval Studies


_____    Course Requirements: (10 graded courses) **


Semester                   Course #                   Course Title

1. _____                _____    ENCR 801                                                                                                            Introduction to Literary Research                required

2. _____                _____    ENMD 885          Mapping the middle Ages                                                           required medieval inside*                (for GSAS hrs. required)

3. _____                _____    ENMD____                                                                  ____________________________________________                medieval inside*

4. _____                _____    __________                                                                  ____________________________________________                medieval inside or outside*

5.  __________   __________         ____________________________________________                                      medieval outside*

6. _____                _____    __________                                                                  ____________________________________________                medieval outside*

7. _____                _____    ENRN_____                                                                 ____________________________________________                renaissance literature

8. _____                _____    ENCR_____                                                                 ____________________________________________                criticism or theory

9. _____                _____    EN _______                                                                  ____________________________________________               

10.__________   EN _______        ____________________________________________                                                                        


** This is one more graded course than for the regular English MA; the additional course is taken in the third semester.


*Besides ENMD 885, students are required to take four other courses in medieval topics (for a total of five). At least two, but no more than three of these courses should be taken in other departments.


_____    Distribution Requirement

1 course in Renaissance

1 course in Criticism or Theory


_____  Place-holder Courses: In your second semester, you must register for ENXX 991; in your third semester, register

                for 3 hours of ENGL 897; in your optional fourth semester, register for 12 hours of ENGL 897.


_____    Foreign Language Requirement:  MA students are required to demonstrate reading proficiency in a foreign language relevant to their course of study. This is normally done by passing a translation exam given by the appropriate language department at the University.  My language exam was in ____________________________ (language) and passed on ______________________________.

Or students may satisfy the Masters requirement with undergraduate course work previously taken: twelve                 semester hours at any level, with a grade of B or better in the final six hours; or a grade of B or better in an      intermediate or advanced work. _________ Check here if you have received approval from the Director of               Graduate Studies to use undergraduate course work to fulfill this requirement. I took ________ semester hours of      __________________ (foreign language) at _________________________ (undergraduate institution).


______    MA Final Exercise: Successful completion of one of the following three options (circle your option)

1) Write a critical thesis (in your 3rd semester, register for ENGL 895 as one of your 10 graded courses)

2) Write a pedagogical thesis (same as above: ENGL 895 in your 3rd semester, for course credit)

3) Take a one-hour oral exam on a list of readings approved by the appropriate area committee chair




Students in Medieval Studies who are also in the PhD program must eventually satisfy the following additional requirements: ENMD 883, Prolegomena to Medieval Literary Research (or an approved equivalent), one course post-1800, as well as some further language requirements specific to this area (see the online Graduate Handbook).