Chronology of PhD Program
  1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year
Teaching   Student teaches 1+1:
Student teaches 1+1:
Student has the option to teach 2+0 or 1+1
but not 0+2.
Student has the option to teach 0+2, 2+0, or 1+1.
Coursework Fall: Student takes ENCR 801 plus 3 graded courses.
Spring: Student takes ENPG 880 plus 3 graded courses.
Student takes 6 graded courses, one of which may be ENPG 885 (related to ENGL or ENRN teaching assistantship), plus ENXX 991 both semesters. Student audits 2 courses and registers for 12 credits
non-topical research (ENGL 997) each semester.
Spring: Mid-semester, student begins Dissertation Seminar.
Fall: Student registers for  Dissertation Seminar, plus ENXX 991, plus 6 credits of non-topical research (ENGL 997).
Spring: Student registers for 12 credits ENGL 999 
Student registers for 12 credits non-topical research, ENGL 999, each semester.
Orals   By May 1, student identifies two areas for oral exams and submits application.
By Oct. 1 student submits approved lists for exam.  Before April 1, preferably in late fall, student takes 2-hr oral exam.
 Foreign language requirement must be met beforehand.
Dissertation Committee and Prospectus     By May 1, student forms dissertation committee. By Dec. 1, student has prospectus approved by dissertation committee.  
Presentations         Within 1 year following approval of prospectus, student gives presentation.
Other Student demonstrates proficiency in a foreign language. Student demonstrates proficiency in second foreign language or mastery in a single foreign language.   By March 1, student applies dissertation Fellowship (GSAS), or other research support.
Begin job search?
Student consults with committee and Placement Director about job market.
1+1 indicates one course taught each semester.  2+0 indicates two courses taught in the fall term and none in the Spring term.  0+2 indicates no courses taught
          in the Fall term and two in the Spring.    
MA transfer students function as second-year students.