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Time Event Speaker

Graduate Student Dissertation Presentation (Bryan Hall Faculty Lounge)
Jamaica Me Laugh: Louise Bennett's Comic Creole Poetics

Lauryl Tucker

Keynote Speaker (209 Maury Hall)

"Diaspora Blues"

Susan Stanford Friedman
12:30-1:00 Keynote Speaker Reception (Lobby, Minor Hall)  
1:30-3:00 Modern Poetry Panel (Bryan 310) mod. Sarah Bishop, University of Virginia
  Loving the Dead: Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, Necrophilia and the Poetry of Frank O'Hara Robert Stilling, University of Virginia
  Bishop, Bhabha and the Racist Gaze Ben Bateman, University of Virginia
1:30-3:00 Race and Genre Panel (Bryan 330) mod. Melissa White, University of Virginia
  The Language of Possibility: Imitation, Poetic Creation, and Wheatley's Neoclassical Form Angela M. Calcaterra, University of Virginia
  Freedom's Footlights? Reworking Uncle Tom's Cabin Onstage Ben Fagan, University of Virginia
  Boston Market: The Female Audience in Dorothy West's The Living Is Easy Rebecca Bobbitt, Middle Tennessee State
  The Space between us : Skin as a Space of Conflict in Jean Rhys's Wide Sagarsso Sea and A. Cesaire's A Tempest Jacqueline Couti, University of Virginia

Hess Lecturer (108 Clark Hall)

"Sentimental Journeys, Vehicular States:  Motion and Emotion in Sterne, Dickens, and Capra."

James Chandler, University of Chicago
4:30-6:00 The New Love Poetry: A Reading (Newcomb South Meeting Room) Ryan Fox; Peter Kline; Brittany Perham, University of Virginia
4:30-6:00 Breaking History's Bounds Panel (Newcomb Board Room 376) mod. Amanda Sigler, University of Virginia
  Love as ‘Sign of History' in Julian Barnes's A History of the World in 10 ½ Chapters Drew Poppleton, John Carroll University
  Cogito and the History of Madness' over Lacan's Shoulder: Eavesdropping onto an Old Disagreement Between Foucault and Derrida David Sigler, University of Virginia
  'His Own Africa ': Henderson the Rain King and the Fictionalization of Encounter Ryan Cordell, University of Virginia
  Mennonite Migration in Rudy Wiebe: Wandering Without Transgression Malin Sigvardson, Stockholm University
4:30-6:00 Diaspora Studies Panel (Newcomb Conference Room 389) mod. Joanne van der Woude, University of Virginia
  The British Woman Traveler in India : Transgression in the Colonial Space Nandini Sengupta, Syracuse University
  Indigeneity and Diaspora in Literature of the 1947 Partition of India Arnal Dayaratna, Duke University
  The Taliban, The Body, & The Border: A Reading of Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner Délice Williams, Washington University in St. Louis
6:00-7:30 Transnational Literatures Panel (Bryan 312) mod. Tamara Whyte, University of Virginia
  ‘Dark-eyed damsels of Mexico ': The Multicultural Sentimental Possibilities of Joaquín Murieta Maria Windell, University of Virginia
  Dam(n) the Borders: Technology and Community in Green Grass, Running Water Jon Gordon, University of Alberta
  The Other Other: Cultural Cross-Dressing and the Figure of the Fallahin in Jack Kerouac's On the Road Geoffrey Hill, University of Virginia
6:00-7:30 Gender Performativity Panel (Bryan 330) mod. David Sigler, University of Virginia
  'You could see there was a story behind it': Pornographic Textuality and the Modernist Text Chris Forster, University of Virginia
  Telling Stories: The Illusion of Gender as Exposed by The Passion and Written on the Body Rachael Baitch, James Madison University
7:30-8:00 Evening Reception (Bryan Hall Faculty Lounge)  
time event SPEAKER
8:00-9:00 Breakfast (Bryan Hall Faculty Lounge)  
9:00-10:30 Early Modern Epics Panel (Bryan 310) mod. Maggie Simon, University of Virginia
  Solomon's Temple and the House of Busirane Brad Tuggle, University of Virginia
  ‘The black tartareous cold infernal dregs': Divine Creation & Divine Abjection in Paradise Lost Eric Song, University of Virginia
  Distempering Heaven: Milton 's Satan and the Politics of Passion Bethany Mabee, University of Virginia
9:00-10:30 Film / Media Panel (Bryan 312) mod. Alex Gil, University of Virginia
  Discomfiting the Gaze: Discomfort and Mockery in Lost in Translation Kristen Taylor, University of Virginia
  The Manchurian Syndrome: Pathology and Narrative in the Manchurian Candidate Films Scott Selisker, University of Virginia
10:30-12:00 Popular Culture Panel (Bryan 310) mod. Lily Sheehan
  Mythic Invaders Within Stu Lenig, Tulane University
  Toward a Cultural Biography of Hello Kitty Colleen Ammerman, Simmons College
  Cartooning the Self: Phoebe Gloeckner and Women's Autobiography Sara Bryant, University of Virginia
10:30-12:00 Leisure and Play Panel (Bryan 312) mod. Neil Hultgren, University of Virginia
  I Will Not Be Banished!: Lost Children and Hybridity in Peter Pan Venessa Scrivano, George Washington University
  Against Pavement: Aldo Van Eyck's Amsterdam Playgrounds and the Disciplining of Radical Play Diana Ramirez-Jasso, Harvard University
10:30-12:00 Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries Panel (Bryan 328) mod. Paul Fyfe, University of Virginia
  Creole Identity: Scottish Migrants and British Nationalism in Smollett's Roderick Random Teresa Moore, University of Tennessee
  Situating Local Poetry Jim Cocola, University of Virginia
  Algernon Charles Swinburne: Artifice and Transgression Joe Gilbert, University of Virginia
  'An Unsurpassable Gift for Blarney ': Political Implications of Teague O'Regan's ‘Irishness' in Brackenridge's ‘Modern Chivalry' Joshua Gillespie, James Madison University
12:00-1:00 Buffet Lunch (Newcomb Ballroom) RSVP only  
1:30-3:00 Contemporary Fiction Panel (Bryan 310) mod. Robert Stilling, University of Virginia
  Lost in Translation: Confused Men in the Literature of Hairuki Murakami Christopher Good, Miami University
  From Genocide to Joan Collins: The Mystery of American Indian Identity in Recent Fiction by Sherman Alexie John Havard, University of Virginia
  ‘This is the Place I am': Mapping Space and Self in Morrison's Beloved Megan Haury, University of Virginia
1:30-3:00 Work / Book / Text Panel (Bryan 312) mod. Brad Tuggle, University of Virginia
  ‘Bird Era ] Burr A1': A Variant? The Material Texts of Uncle Tom's Cabin Wesley Raabe, University of Virginia
  ‘ If this Booke faile, tis time to quit the Trade': Humphrey Moseley's Valuation of Beaumont and Fletcher's Comedies and Tragedies (1647) Fran Connor, University of Virginia
  The Artist-Critic After Gutenberg: Textual Illumination in the Digital Age Eric Rettberg, University of Virginia
3:30-5:00 Medieval and Early Modern Transgressions Panel (Newcomb Board Room) mod. Kristin Jensen, University of Virginia
  Crossing Borders: Matthew Paris's 13th-Century Legend of the Wandering Jew Robert Lipscomb, University of Virginia
  Spenser's Faerie Queen and the Temptations of Representation Stephanie Brown, University of Virginia
  ‘Look not towards them!': Jonson's Bartholomew Fair, Free Market Spatiality, and Early Modern Anxieties Regarding Containment & Transgression Timothy Zajac, University of Virginia
3:30-5:00 Urban and National Identities Panel (Newcomb Conference Room 389) mod. Sandy Alexandre, University of Virginia
  The Popular Poetics and Politics of Place or Dangerous Crossroads: Contemporary TransNational Haitian Identity and Wyclef Jean Z'etoile Imma, University of Virginia
  Blues & Hip-Hop Prophecy: The Play of the Sacred in Black Song and Poetic Expression Abstract Alwin Jones, University of Virginia
  ‘Pimpin' Ain't No Sex Game': Iceberg Slim and the Imagining of the American Ghetto” Justin Gifford, University of Virginia
5:00-7:00 English Department Reception (Garden Room, Colonnade Club, Hotel E)  
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